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Quick Reads of Important Water Heater Topics

Preventing Legionnaires’ Disease

Legionnaires’ disease. . . is easily picked up by breathing in contaminated water – such as mist from your shower, spray from a fountain or a hose, and even steam from hot tubs and cooking. The easiest things you can do to help keep your family safe is to ensure you maintain adequate levels of disinfectant in places where warm water sits (like hot tubs or fountains) and that you keep your water heater set at 140°F (60°C) or higher to ensure bacteria cannot grow in the tank or in the pipes as the hot water circulates.  http://theplumber.com/preventing-legionnaires-disease-in-your-home/


Shorten the distance hot water travels

Water is wasted down while you wait for the right temperature. One solution is a recirculating pump that moves hot water to the outlet while bringing cold water back to the heat source. In this scenario, water is not wasted, because hot water is automatically pumped to the fixture before the consumer turns on the water.  https://www.safeplumbing.org/what-you-can-do/be-water-efficient


Ways to Save on Water Heating Costs

There are four ways to cut your water heating bills: use less hot water, turn down the thermostat on your water heater, insulate your water heater, or buy a new, more efficient model.  http://energy.gov/energysaver/tips-water-heating

Learn more from ENERGY STAR on water heaters and check out their comparison chart of certified heaters.

Fast Water Heater Maintenance Tactics

Want to accomplish some water heater maintenance today? It is not going to take long. . .in reality we were planning on ten minutes. Yep, that is as long as it normally takes to discuss two maintenance tasks that every homeowner can accomplish. The best aspect is they should help Lancaster CA homeowners with the following:Lancaster CA Water Heater Maintenance Steps

By ensuring ones water heater last as long as possible, saving expenses.
Making sure ones water heater works properly.
Ensuring it works as energy efficiently as attainable, additionally conserving money.

So with that in mind, let us educate you on how to invest 10 minutes once or two times a year to help prevent any water heater repairs for your Lancaster water heater.

Evaluating the T&P Relief Valve

The job of the temperature and pressure relief valve, also known as the T&P Valve, is rather crucial. It has the necessary task of ensuring too much pressure won’t establish on the inside of the water storage tank, which makes certain the water heater will not explode. The infographic following demonstrates the following measures in testing it. The lever should be lifted some then release it. It is required to snap back to its original location rapidly. When it is operating as it needs to, a bit of water can be heard entering into the drain pipe below the valve handle that was just raised and the noise of a little pressure discharged is perhaps observed. One will need a new valve if perhaps non-e of these things take place in the course of the test.

Carry Out a Mimi Water Heater Tank Flush

Naturally, rust and sediment will occur in the water tank due to the chemical reactions going on with the parts that are necessary to heat up water. We are not planning to go directly into the complex chemical particulars in this article, but by just flushing some of the water, it will help get rid of the sediment, and supply an opportunity to see what amount of sediment is within the water heater.

To accomplish a tiny flush, place a bucket under the drain valve, situated at the bottom part of the tank, and open the drain valve. Just drain a few gallons of water – a couple containers full. Permit the water to sit in the last bucket for several minutes. Once it settles, evaluate to see how much sediment has settled to the bottom part of the bucket. If there is, if the water heater has actually not been drained for a long time (or ever), it would be best to do a complete flush of the tank to get as much of the sediment out as possible.

Examine how clear the water appears. If it doesn’t appear overly cloudy just performing the mini flush will be good. If there is a lot of gunk in the water a full flush needs to be carried out. If you know it has not been drained for an extended time, if ever, it will be a great idea to drain all of it.

We will not be going straight into all the measures in this article to do this, although for academic applications, initially turn down the temperature. Wait a minimum of an hour to permit the water to cool off prior to draining it. As opposed to making use of the buckets, it is much simpler to connect a hose to the drain valve and drain the water outdoors.

If one starts to be aware of odd cracking noises from the water storage tank, it happens to be an indication that there may be a large level of sediment building up inside. This also reduces the energy efficiency of the water heater.

Water heaters will work well without the need of a whole lot of maintenance, and many house owners do not accomplish any kind of maintenance to them. However, to achieve the three rewards outlined at the start of the article, it is very important to at a minimum do these two responsibilities. If you have any questions or think that you would like some help the first time, let us know! We are always available to aid and to help prevent an unwelcome Lancaster Water Heater Repair.

Check out some more ways to increase the heater’s energy efficiency here too.

Water Heater Repair Lancaster California

From Visually.

Indications of Hot Water Heater Failing

Hot water heaters generally complete exactly what they are supposed to do and generally remain unnoticed up to the point when one needs a Lancaster Water Heater Repair. But, a number of the issues that come up could be prevented through regular servicing by a pro. Be sure to pay attention to your natural gas burning hot water heater, as several of the problems that may appear might be pricey and harmful for loved ones and household pets. Outlined in this article, we’re describing 4 indications that your gas water heater could have to be swapped out.

Leaking Water

If perhaps there is water on the floor near your water heater or leaking out of a pipe, you could need to switch the water heater. However, depending on exactly where the water can be found and how much there is, you might be okay. If the hot water heater is dripping water from a pipe and there exists some water on the floor close to the unit, it’s most likely the T&P valve. The temperature and pressure valve removes extra steam from the water heater, this kind of steam becomes to water and will come out from the hot water heater by means of a pipe to the side of the tank. Whenever this is the situation, it is actually completely usual and important for the hot water heater to work correctly. Don’t attempt to move the T&P valve and do not obstruct it. If perhaps you’re concerned with how much water that is coming out from the pipe, call an expert! If perhaps the leaking water is coming from the base of the tank, it is pretty much undoubtedly time to have a different water heater. When the hot water heater warms water the steel tank expands and contracts, this movement could bring about cracks and little fractures, which will ultimately lead to leaking. Once this happens, it is time to invest in a brand new unit.Water Heater Repair in Lancaster CA


Around the pipes coming out of the hot water heater you will find pipe fittings that have to be sealed tight in order to keep the pipe in place and keep water from leaking out of the hole. If you are seeing corrosion around these pipe fittings, water is seeping out of the hole. Though this isn’t a big leak and will not likely bring about immediate problems to the hot water heater, in cases where the matter isn’t resolved, serious and expensive complications can eventually appear.

Burn Markings

In case you’re observing burn marks on the bottom part of the hot water heater, there are two potential issues. Even so, each of them are really significant and each of them will need an expert. One problem might be with the venting. If the venting is blocked or had been installed improperly, it might cause the exhaust fumes to go back in the home. This is unsafe and might lead to sickness or a fire if left alone for long. Nevertheless, that may not necessarily mean you have to upgrade the water heater, which is a good thing. Another possible problem with burn marks could be that the flue pipes in the hot water heater are clogged. This may bring about a number of unsafe issues and, unfortunately, the hot water heater will have to be replaced right away.

Yellow Flame Color

Gas hot water heaters have got a blue flame below the tank while it is functioning. But, if perhaps you happen to be seeing the flame is an orange or yellow color, as opposed to blue, the burner isn’t functioning accurately and is going to have to be examined by a pro.

There are several complications that could develop with gas burning water heaters, however with frequent care and yearly check ups, you should be able to prevent the need for an emergency water heater repair in Lancaster CA which may possibly be expensive. Give us a call today if you observe anything out of the ordinary with your hot water heater!

Complete Water Heater Maintenance Steps

Certainly one can find lots of regrettable reports that property owners have regarding water heater routine maintenance of “stumbling out of bed to the freezing shower.” Well, we are not planning to discuss how regrettable of a scenario that is. Furthermore, we will assume that one knows the basic idea of ensuring that ones water heater is serviced periodically in an effort to receive the best out of its life span, and to make sure an emergency Water Heater Repair in Lancaster CA is not needed. This may help one save money on power costs as well. All that is practical we realize. While not needed a lot of maintenance, hot water heaters should have a little. We are astounded, although not shocked, by how many customers we see who haven’t executed any type of maintenance to their water heater), below are the tasks one should be informed about in terms of maintenance.

The Possible Period of time a Lancaster CA Water Heater Should LastHot Water Heater Repair in Lancaster CA

8 to 10 years is the normal length of time a conventional gas water heater can last. There are numerous variables which will have an impact on the all around life expectancy of course, however this is a very good standard. Most likely the most important aspect which will influence the longevity of it is normally mineral deposits. The tips described below are presented in hopes of assisting to lower the buildup of mineral deposits on the inside the water storage tank of a water heater.

How to Reduce a Lancaster CA Water Heater Repair

House owners, even people that usually do not feel very handy, can achieve lots of water heater servicing themselves. However usually, a water heater will run risk-free, try to remember that they do operate from electric power and/or gas. For that reason appropriate safety steps ought to be taken by Lancaster house owners. Make sure to apply all of these techniques as an informative tutorial, for we’d much rather explain these together with you in person.

First, the hot water heater’s electrical power needs to be switched off before executing any servicing. Ones breaker box should have a switch labeled that specifies which breaker is the heater’s. Homeowners who possess a gas water heater, move the gas cutoff counterclockwise in order to shut off the gas.

Anode rods, or also known as sacrificial anode rods, are the portion of the heater that facilitates with preventing rusting inside the water storage tank. A good number of are composed of aluminum and some are made out of magnesium around a steel wire. With time the outside covering of the rods will wear away and they really should be replaced at the time the steel wire is seen. They usually last about five years, though that might be shortened if ones water is soft. Over the long haul, it is simpler and more affordable to have the anode rods changed, in order to have a long life out of the water heater storage tank. The rods really should be looked at on an annual basis.

Examine the subsequent video which shows the procedure of replacing the anode rods:

Our next water heater component we shall discuss will be the dip tubes. Not every water heaters have them however. They must be reviewed every six months for corrosion. To test it, remove it and evaluate its length to the height of the water heater. It should be somewhere around 6″ to 8″ shorter compared with the tank. It’ll need changing if it’s shorter than that, or possibly demonstrates clues of breakage or falling apart.

Forms of water heater flushes. Again, mineral deposits are the biggest cause of water heater breakdowns. Exactly how quick sediment builds up within the storage tank is based on the quality of ones water. In time, this sediment can solidify, causing weird noises from the storage tank, lower the effectiveness of the water heater, and possibly clog up the drain valve. If possible, every 6 months, but at least every year, empty 1 or 2 gallons of water from the drain valve in the bottom of the hot water heater into a container or by a garden hose in a bucket outside. Examine to observe how much sediment is in the pail when the water settles. If it looks reasonably clear, that is good! When these small flushes are done two times a year, one may well not have to carry out a big flush as often. If the water seems really dirty, a full flush ought to be done. This can be also a fantastic time to be certain the bottom drain valve of the storage tank is working good and not leaking. These are generally made of plastic and in time if they aren’t opened up, they are going to get stuck or not close firmly, which is why it is a good idea to open and close them throughout the small flush test.

The flushing practice will help with eliminating hot water odors that can take place as well.

The reasons for flushing a water heater are highlighted in the subsequent video:

For all those that owns vacation homes or temporary households, one will need to empty the storage tank of all its water to help prevent any flooding throughout the seasons the residence is not occupied. Naturally, make certain to refill it when the residence is to be resided in once again.

Water pipe inspection. Look to ensure all water pipes have no leaks or are defective in any way. It ought to be simple and easy to see when there are any leaks from any section of the water plumbing or storage tank for there will be water underneath it and/or around the unit. Leaking water can lead to water damage to elements of ones home, so be certain all appears to be dry, primarily if the heater is placed on the inside of the house and not in a garage.

T&P valve check. Annually, the T&P valve, or temperature and pressure relief valve, really should be looked at. The T&P valve’s task is to secure the water heater storage tank from too much pressure, and blowing up. The owners handbook must be looked at to make sure the proper steps are followed but listed here are the fundamental steps. A little water may come out of the valve and it will be really hot so be cautious. Lift up the lever and let go of it. Have a container available to catch any excess water that could come out. When the handle is lifted, the noise of pressure being released will be observed. The lever needs to snap back in place. In the event that it does not give it a try once more. If after a few tries it will not move back again into position, a replacement will likely be needed. The valve can drip some water after doing that for a short period. If it doesn’t discontinue dripping after a couple of hours inform us.

Over the years, a great deal of discussion has occurred on exactly what the perfect temperature needs to be for ones water heater. Producers commonly preset heaters to 140 degrees, which is indeed hotter than almost all people may ever need it to be. 120 degrees is the standard temperature and some actually go as low as 100 degrees. We are writing more on this, but we propose having the temperature about 120 degrees.

Actions For Gas Water Heaters

Every 3 months is a good time to examine the gas venting system. All the fittings must be examined to make sure they are tight, search for obstructions, and search for damage to the vent pipes, together with making sure they are totally free of rust and deterioration .. Gasses are vented to the outdoors of the residence with gas fired heaters. If these fumes make their way within the house it might be fatal and a fire hazard. Make sure that anything combustible or corrosive is away from the exhaust venting to help prevent fires. All loose, broken, or corroded areas of vent pipes should be changed.

Examine the pilot light to do a visual diagnosis of the way it is burning. The purpose of the pilot light will be to fire up the gas burner which heats water for the house. For the water heater to run at peak performance, it is vital for the pilot light to be clean. The flame color should be blue with natural gas heaters. For propane heaters, the flame ought to be blue/green with only a small amount of yellow at the tip. A short flame, a yellow flame, or a flame that has a split flame at the top means that a resetting is needed.

Guidelines For Electric Water Heaters

Implementing insulation wraps or covers around the storage tank can help keep a continuous temperature within the storage tank without using as much electrical power. Additionally, by the heater not having to perform as much will increase the life span of the heating element since it will not be utilized as much. Periodically, check out the insulation wrap to be sure it continues to be attached and hasn’t slipped or shifted on the water storage tank.

Routine examination of the heating element is really important and definitely will help lessen the need for an unexpected repair. We are not going to go into the specifics for a complete test right here, but one will need a voltage/OHM meter to guarantee there does exist a closed electrical circuit. Heating elements do need replacing occasionally.

The area about the water heater needs to be thoroughly clean of dirt. Specifically if the water heater can be found in the garage, make sure to give the place a sweeping regularly. Ones heater will run much better and be less likely to require a Lancaster Hot Water Heater Repair if it stays clean.

Replace Old Water Heaters With Energy Efficient Ones

Currently, virtually all water heaters produced have a relatively nice amount of energy efficiency. In April 2015, high efficiency regulations were started in the United States regarding water heaters. Definitely, the higher quality the heater, the longer the life one will receive out of the device with the correct maintenance over time. Don’t wait to phone Water Heater Repair Lancaster CA to discuss water heater maintenance or perhaps to help answer any queries on picking the most proper replacement water heater for ones house or workplace. Brand, model, and size really need to all be factored in in the selection process and not just implement the “bigger the better” saying. For storage tank water heaters, it is a waste of energy to have a whole lot of extra water getting always heated up to a hot temperature if it is not going to be utilized.

Water Heater Insulation Tips

Most property owners enjoy obtaining new approaches to help minimize heating costs in the winter time we understand at Water Heater Repair Lancaster CA. And, because ones water heater works a lot more in the wintertime doing just that, we have collected some ideas to pass along today on the best ways to save on energy costs.Water Heater Repair Lancaster CA

Here is a simple method to examine ones water heater’s need for insulation: put ones hand near to or on the exterior of the water heater’s storage tank. It is feels warm, insulating the tank is advised. This loss of heat in the winter months will add up. After that, in the summer season, it can add heat to the space that one will want to attempt to cool if the water heater is situated on the inside of the house and not in a garage. Any heat that is felt is undoubtedly heat getting sacrificed. If it is not warm at all that is an excellent indicator that the tank’s internal insulation is in respectable shape. Brand-new water heating systems are being made with a great quantity of internal insulation today. The R-value is found on the producer’s tag so one can see exactly what the number is. If it R-24 or higher, one will most likely not have to use an insulation blanket on the water heater.

Lancaster Water Heater Blankets

A water heater blanket or wrap can help reduce most of this heat loss. Initially contact your energy company, for quite a few provide insulation kits at minimized expenses for house owners. These hot water heater blankets can be found in various sizes depending upon the gallon size of the storage tank. The greater the R-value, the more substantial the insulation is. It is recommended making use of one that is a minimum of an R-11.

The blankets are simple to set up. They will have insulation tape to complete the joints of the blanket. The shinny or vinyl side will go on the exterior.

With gas water heaters, wrap it around, while not covering the top flue, and unwrapped over the controller at the bottom. Likewise, never cover the T&P valve lever, or the underside of tank for this will prevent air from going into the tank. With electric water heaters, because there is no exhaust flue on the top, it can also be covered, however do not cover the heating-element access panels.

These water heater blankets will certainly last a long period of time. It could be used again anytime the water heater is updated, providing it’s the very same size to match the storage tank.

Water Heater Pipe Insulation

There’s 2 different kinds of pipe insulations that must be made use of for a water heater. All pipes situated inside of six inches from the water heater exhaust flue, fiberglass insulation wrap must be made use of and must be connected with either high temperature aluminum tape or wire. Pipes beyond 6 inches can be covered in foam insulation sleeves.

The United States Department of Energy recommends that house owners insulate a minimum of six feet of the pipe entering and from the water heater. This can improve the temperature level at the faucets 2 to 4 degrees and help save cash on heating. We likewise recommend wrapping both the cold and hot pipes too.

Energy Savings from Lancaster Water Heater Insulation

Insulating an ineffective water heater can certainly help reduce the expense of using that heater by 5 % to 10 %. Depending upon the design, that can preserve anywhere from $5 to $20 each year, meaning that a water heater blanket can be paid for in 1 to 4 years. Adding insulation could possibly lower standby heat losses by 25 % – 45 % and preserve around 4 % – 9 % in water heating expenses.

Lancaster Water Heater Sediment Removal

If you have a trouble with sediment, you’re most likely currently knowledgeable about it. Gas fired water heaters in certain commonly show that there is a sediment trouble with rumbling sounds each time the tank cycles, while still keeping excellent water temperature level. Thankfully, sediment can quickly be eliminated, and help prevent the need for a Lancaster water heater repair.Water Heater Repair Lancaster CA

If you have a gas water heater, turn the control to pilot. If you have an electric design, you need to switch off the power at the panel. Next shut down the water above the heater so no brand-new water can get in the tank. Then affix a hose to the drain valve. The various other end of the hose need to ideally go to a floor drain, although a pail can likewise be made use of.

Open the drain valve to get rid of all the water from the tank. The majority of the sediment needs to be gotten rid of by this basic act. Keep the drain valve open, however switch on the water too, permitting some to get in the tank. Turn off the water after a couple of minutes. Repeat this numerous times to coax as much sediment out with the water.

As a last procedure, close the drain and fill the tank a minimum of half full. Then you can drain it for a last time to get rid of any last remains of sediment. To avoid more usual sediment troubles, you can set up a sediment filter for your tank if your trouble is primarily with sand. A sand filter need to be set up on the cold trunk line.

Occasionally sediment can likewise congest the drain valve itself. Preferably you need to have the ability to wash the valve out under high pressure, however occasionally the valve should be changed after a cleaning. You can achieve this job while the tank is still complete, simply switch off the gas or power and await the water in the tank to cool. You need to likewise not make use of any water in your residence will finishing the replacement.

To get rid of the drain valve, merely make use of a huge groove joint pair of pliers to turn off the old valve. Then set up a replacement valve by turning it in clockwise. Make certain to make use of pipe thread sealing tape or pipe joint substance on the threads to make sure that the connection will prove out.

If you are preparing to get rid of the drain valve, you could think about prior to setting up the replacement valve offering your tank a last flush. This is finest done if you have a floor drain that will rapidly drain the water and sediment.

The follow video illustrates this process:

Many individuals incorrectly think that a sediment filled tank or a dripping drain valve is source to change the whole hot water heater. By these basic upkeep actions, the majority of residents need to have the ability to take care of any troubles on their own. Naturally, Water Heater Repair Lancaster CA is here to assist with this or any other water maintenance that should be accomplished for you.

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Springtime Plumbing Maintenance Chores

Avoid a Water Heater Explosion

Avoid a Water Heater Explosion

Fortunately the following does not take place that frequently, however a water heater has the possibility to blow up and trigger significant damages to a house and family members. It is simple to have the state of mind that it is a thing that takes place to other individuals, however without correct attention regarding ones water heater, it can possibly take place to you.

Water Heater Repair Lancaster CA does not wish to trouble anyone, however wished to reveal some various videos we put together to show this occurrence.

The first video is video from a Phoenix resident that had an electric water heater blew up quickly after he was doing some upkeep on the heater.

The next example is from Walnut, CA. it is provided by WaterHeaterExplosions.com and the storyteller does an exceptional task of describing exactly how the surge took place and exactly what kinds of actions a resident can require to avoid it.

So exactly what are some means to prevent this from taking place at house? There are a few simple normal upkeep actions residents can do. Nevertheless, we can not stress sufficiently to have an expert take a peek at your water heater occasionally also, to ensure that it is operating the right way.

And finally, some individuals love to check this principle. The next video holds true with a 50 gallon water heater that hit 330 psi of pressure.

Likely the most looked at video of examining this principle is from Mythbusters, due to the fact that they simply like to blow things up. Take pleasure in the last video and bear in mind that water heater security is not something to be taken for granted or lightly.

Here’s an infographic we have prepared that illustrates all the vital water heater maintenance responsibilities that property owners need to be certain to maintain too:

Water Heater Repair Lancaster CA

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Lancaster Water Heater Repair Overview Video

We really enjoy the things we do here at Water Heater Repair Lancaster CA and look forward to serving as many of our Lancaster neighborhood friends as possible.  We will continue to include guidance on water heater maintenance right here in this blog too.

We desire to pass along our brand new company overview video to you below.

We are additionally readily available to support you with all other kinds of plumbing repair you might require carried out. Whether it is a leaking faucet, drain cleaning, toilet repair, or leak detection. We have witnessed nearly any sort of emergency plumbing and water heater repair predicament you can picture and look forward to utilizing our well crafted troubleshooting abilities!

If you are believing it is becoming close to requiring a water heater replacement contact us also, for we will do all we can to help support you in that circumstance.

Lancaster Winter Water Heater Efficiency

If one is experiencing a substantial variation in the hot water heater’s efficiency throughout the cold winter season months, below are a couple of important things that Water Heater Repair Lancaster CA suggests examining.

Exactly what is the conditions like close to your hot water heater? If your hot water heater is established in your basement, is it cold down there? Is there a draft? You could wish to examine out the location and do some preventive upkeep, like re-caulking the basement windows or examining for everywhere frigid air could be entering the basement.Water Heater Repair Lancaster CA

If the pipes that provide the hot water from your water heater to the rest of your house are unwrapped for a long stretch prior to they turn upstairs, then you could wish to insulate them. Simply cover foam pipe insulation around the pipes which will assist to preserve some of the heat from dissipating.

Water Heater Dip Tube Repairs

Lots of older hot water heaters, and some brand-new ones, could have a busted or split dip tube. The dip tube is a plastic tube that connects the cold water input to the bottom of the tank. This is exactly how the cold water gets inside the tank without interrupting the hot water near the top. If the tube is busted or split, then cold water is leaking out into your hot water supply and cooling it off. The dip tube is changeable on lots of water heaters. You could start to discover pieces of plastic appearing in your aerators if your dip tube is broken.

Water Heater Blankets

If your hot water heater is a little cool, you can attempt warming it up by covering it with a blanket. Not an actual blanket, however a specially-made covering that covers the hot water heater. With your hot water heater covered, you can in fact turn down the temperature level on your water heater as the covering will assist to keep the water about 10 degrees warmer than exactly what you have it set at.

If you have actually attempted these ideas and you are still not successful at enhancing your hot water heater’s efficiency in the winter season, then you could wish to have somebody examine your heating aspects (if electric), pilot burner or thermostat. In addition, you must do your normal upkeep regimens like clearing out the debris by eliminating the system. Naturally, there’s constantly the opportunity that your hot water heater could be bad, nevertheless, if it works great throughout the summer season and it just suffers in the winter season, then probabilities are it is among these troubles.

Let us know of any questions you may have!